• How to Use? AI Usage:

    1. Container Specification

    Specify the type and size of your container using terms like "container", "trailer", "pod", etc.

    Example: "I have a 40 ft container..."

    2. Item Details

    Describe each item by its dimensions, weight, and any special requirements such as orientation or stackability.

    Example: "7 boxes of 148x140x63 cm, weighing 10 kg each, named Wood, keep upright"

    3. Special Packing Instructions

    If you have specific packing preferences, clearly state them using direct instructions. Default settings apply unless specified.

    • Orientation Keywords: "keep upright", "keep bottom", default is none
    • Stacking Keywords: "stackable", "non-stackable" default is stackable
    • Packing Method: "Minimize height", "Minimize length", "use multiple containers"

    4. Naming and Custom Messages

    Optionally add a name for the calculation and any specific messages or instructions.

    Example: "name the calculation 'Electronics Load'"

    5. Examples of Effective Commands

    Pack a 40 ft container with 10 crates of electronics, each 100x50x50 cm, non-stackable, and minimize height.

    Manual mode Usage:

  • Do you provide an API?

    Yes swagger/open api based API is available here . It is also possible to have free text based API similar to the Use AI tool. The pricing is 5 cents per calculation. We also have an API to find the best container box among the candidates useful for e-commerce. Contact us if you want to integrate 3DPACK.ING into your system.

  • How is 3DPACK.ING different than other tools?

    3DPACK.ING uses a more advanced algorithm that can generate more optimal results allowing more items to fit in the container.

  • Is 3DPACK.ING free?

    * 3DPACK.ING is free for limited calculations. That being less than 2 categories and less than 100 items.

    * When you become a subscriber, you can use it for unlimited categories and items. There you can also upload excel and have more control over the input data. See the above video.

  • Pricing and Payment Terms

    * Monthly subscription is $12. You can cancel anytime.

    * There is also one time payment option for $99, you can use 3DPACK.ING for 1 year.

    * You can pay using Credit Card or PayPal.

    * Payments are processed by Stripe and we don't store any credit card information.

  • Privacy Terms

    No Tracking or Analytics

    We respect your privacy. Unless you log in, we do not store any cookies on your device, and we do not use any tracking or analytics tools.

    Security Cookie

    When you log in, we store a security cookie on your device to identify you and maintain your session.

    Logged Information

    As a technical necessity, we log your IP address and log your requests to our server. Additionally, within our application, 3DPACK.ING, every button click is logged to enhance functionality and user experience. None of these info is shared with any third party or used for any other purpose than to improve the application. No tracking or profiling is done with this information.

    Calculations Logging

    All calculations performed within our application, 3DPACK.ING, are logged and stored in our database. This allows the calculations to be shared and accessed as needed. Your privacy is our priority, and we are committed to protecting your information.
  • Can I save or share my results?

    Yes, you can save or share your results easily. After each calculation, you will see that the address bar changes. You can copy the URL from there or click on the Copy Result URL button. You can bookmark the page or send the link to someone else. They can view your results for free, but they have to register and log in first, which is also free.

  • Who are you?

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